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Jamie Forsyth


Wellbeing Coach

Jamie Forsyth’s passion for helping people and getting them to talk openly about their mental health and wellbeing came from his own management techniques of living with bi-polar.

Jamie considers people’s health, safety and wellbeing a priority and understands that having a healthy workforce is a fundamental component of the effectiveness of a business.

His approach to mental health, is all-encompassing and by implementing initiatives such as wellbeing workshops, healthy eating at work and developing his own successful podcast, first as a mental health first aider then an instructor, Jamie has been successful in shifting attitudes to mental health in the workplace and reducing the myths and preconceptions that surround this issue.

Jamie is tenacious, open and relatable and the courage and inspiration he has shown in being able to share his own personal experiences have established a rapport with his fellow operatives, which gives them the confidence to speak freely and seek support

Jamie advocates that if we work together, we can change attitudes around mental health and wellbeing.

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