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Helen Nurrish

Galliford Try

Employment & Skills Lead RDP

Helen is somebody who, lives, breathes and eats social values, not just at a corporate level but amongst individuals and colleagues.

Helen Nurrish is passionate in recognising that we have the ability to change lives and everyone deserves an opportunity regardless of their background, or society’s preconceived opinions.

Not only has she actively engaged with ex-offenders who just want an opportunity to have a fresh start, she works tirelessly with colleagues to explode the fears around working with these people and demonstrates the importance of allowing people to move on with their lives and do good.

Helen continually pushes and challenges the business to do better, be better, do more and offer more opportunities. She is relentless and never gives up and goes above and beyond to give people a Quality of Life and a reason to live, with meaningful and successful opportunities.

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