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Highways Heroes to introduce a Rising Stars award to recognise future leaders in our sector

Blue ribband awards ceremony to introduce a special award to recognise emerging young talent.

The Highways Heroes, the industry's only awards ceremony which recognises unsung heroes across our sector have broken with tradition and this year, for the first time will introduce a specific award designed to recognise young and emerging talent from across our industry.

Limited to those who have worked within our sector. for a short period of time, the award has been introduced as a result of increased nominations for our main awards - in this case centred around those who, despite a young age or having entered our industry through an alternate route, have made a significant difference not only to their peers but also to the broader sector as a whole.

Entries have been judged upon three clear criteria, those who are either graduates, apprentices or have entered the sector as a result of an agile career change but in a short space of time have, through their endeavours, made a massive impact upon their own organisation and indeed possibly the broader sector, as Adrian Tatum, Communications Director for the Highways Heroes awards explains, he said;

"Every year the Heroes throws up anomalies in terms of the nominations we receive as a result of the fact that we do not restrict submissions by virtue of a category.

"This has been done by design to ensure that the most worthy winners are recognised on achievements alone and not how well they fit to an individual category's criteria.

"As the awards evolve over time we have seen a much broader variety to the submissions and the reasons behind them, with this year being no exception.

"As a result of the increased engagement we are now seeing leaders of the future being nominated for their achievements in their fledgling careers.

"We, as a group felt in only right that we should recognise these individuals as an equal to their peers and, as in previous years, have exercised the right to a degree of flexibility.

"The award, this year, much like all other special recognition awards will only be awarded as and when judges feel there is a merit to do so."

The award will be commemorated with a special one-off trophy designed by the company who produce trophies and medal for leading sporting events such as the champions league final and the Pride of Britain Awards and will be presented at the prestigious ceremony, to be held at the London Hilton, Park Lane on 28th November 2024.



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