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Highways Heroes Shortlisted in Focus | Hardeep Sanghera - Fortel

Heroes award spotlight on shortlisted individuals -Hardeep Sanghera

With just under a month to go until this year's Highways Heroes awards we showcase some of the individuals who the judges have shortlisted for the prestigious awards at this year's event.

This week we highlight one of those shortlisted Hardeep Sanghera of Fortel

Fortel's #MakeItStick campaign has been recognised as an award-winning initiative that goes beyond supporting its own workers—it also addresses crucial issues in the wider construction industry.

Hardeep took the #MakeItStick campaign to the next level. He identified a disconnect between the accessibility of the training and the cultural barriers prevalent within the South Asian community.

Recognising the differing outlook on mental health within these communities, he aimed to adapt the original concept to make it accessible to all. Hardeep ensured that all health and safety literature was translated into multiple languages while also incorporating cultural nuances.

The goal was not merely to translate the material but to provide the right structure, guidance, and videos that resonated with the target audience's culture. Hardeep emphasised the importance of creating messaging that logically appealed to the culture rather than simply rewriting the toolbox talks and campaigns in Punjabi.

Motivated by the tragic story of an Asian man who felt he had no one to turn to, Hardeep sought to create a safe space for people to discuss the pressures they face. In South Asian culture, mental health problems are often associated with shame, making it challenging for individuals to seek help within their community.

By fostering cultural intelligence and awareness, Hardeep believes that construction sites can become a supportive environment where underlying issues are recognised, and individuals feel comfortable discussing the pressures they are under.

This unique type of training, led by Hardeep, is set to be rolled out across the UK and extended to Fortel's construction partners. Building trust within cultures that have historically struggled to acknowledge mental health issues takes time.

Taking place at the Grand Connaught Rooms in Soho on 30th November, the sell out event will not only recognise those who have gone above and beyond their duty, but also those that have helped someone or improved a situation, either in the communities they work in or to unconditionally support fellow workers in their team, with Will a special guest at the event where the achievements of our unsung heroes will be recognised.



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