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Highways Heroes nominated in focus | Danny Grant - Keltbray

Heroes award spotlight on shortlisted individuals - Danny Grant | Keltbray

With just over 2 months to go until this year's Highways Heroes awards we showcase some of the individuals who the judges have shortlisted for the prestigious awards at this year's event.

This week we highlight Danny Grant of Keltbray, a nominee whose story is something special and an individual who is a shining light to our industry as a whole.

Danny's story is one of triumph over adversity, an individual who, despite his challenging upbringing and a youth where he found himself a part of a gang culture and spent time in prison.

In his own words, Danny is not one for public praise and recognition. It is very much part of Danny’s core values that his work ethos will speak for itself.

However, Danny is now on a journey of discovering how sharing more about his own past can inspire future talent coming into the industry.

During the early stages of his life, Danny had days where there was no food on the table and even no electric in the house.

These are just some of the things that led Danny to became part of an organised gang culture, which he used to provide for himself and his family. This played a crucial part in his life as it led to him being convicted for firearms and a significant period in prison. However, this was only the start of the journey that Danny has taken to becoming the success that he is today.

When Danny left prison, he applied himself to the work of construction, spending time as a ground worker and then progressing onto become a Foreman.

On two occasions this year, Danny has been able to attend HMP Wealstun to share his story. Being able to spend this time going back to share his past has been a challenging journey, however, it has inspired others to make a difference and consider careers in highways.

As well as sharing his own story, Danny has been recognised by National Highways for the contributions that he is making on the M621 and on the A66.

It is evident that Danny has come a long way from the early stages in his life, making a difference and showing a caring attitude. He has been able to apply himself to not only a successful career, but also for presenting himself as a positive role model.



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