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Highways Heroes Awards - Our guide to nominating somebody...

With entries now open for this year's Highways Heroes Awards we give you some handy hints and tips on how to write a good submission:

The Big Question ........... What do we mean by ‘Highway Heroes’?

In simple terms, it is anyone who has shown courage, bravery, noble qualities or simply went over and above to help or support someone or a situation.

And now for a handy little guide

  1. We don’t need you to write an essay or even get the grammar right, we just need you to step back from the day job and think about all those things we do that go above and beyond the ‘day job’.

  2.  Ideally, we want people to nominate their colleagues, peers, team members or managers or maybe the person is an industry colleague from another company. ​

  3. There are no specific categories or minimum criteria as we know the selfless acts of those in our industry know no boundaries. However, to give you some guidance, you can nominate someone for a random act of kindness, for courage, bravery or even saving a life. Maybe it’s someone who took it upon themselves to help a charity and got their company and colleagues on board to ‘just do more’ or perhaps it’s someone in the office who always goes over and above to help the team…the list is endless. ​ So, what are you waiting for, tell us who your Highways Hero is and why you’re nominating them in 3 easy steps…

  1. Your Details

  2. The details of the person you are nominating

  3. Why you are nominating them




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