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Heroes unveil third host for 2023 - Sian Whittaker, Managing Director, Resilience, Arcadis

Third host unveiled for this year's blue ribband event.

The Highways Heroes are delighted to announce that the third host for this year's glittering ceremony is Sian Whittaker, Managing Director, Resilience, at Arcadis.

Sian joins last year's presenters Rich Marshall, Transformation Director at National Highways and Road Safety Campaigner Meera Naran as the anchors for this year's event.

In a change to the previous format the event will feature not two but instead three hosts, all of whom embody the spirit of the event and personally crusade on a daily basis to improve the conditions for those who not only work on but also travel upon our public highways.

In an interview previously Sian said,

“A part of my role that many don’t know about is how much time I spend listening.

"I’m not just a director in a highly technical role; I’m also a confidant, a friend, a sounding board, and I’m really proud of that.

"I am an official mentor for our internal team, and have coaching duties outside of the business, too.

"It’s so important to invest your time in other people, because we all have something to learn. In my role as a mentor or coach I’m supposed to be the one sharing knowledge of guidance – and I make sure I do that to my best ability – but I’m also able to spot really insightful behaviour, tenacity and innovation, which I can learn from myself, but can also be channelled back into the business to help it grow.

Moreover she is an individual who shows a great deal of empathy for those she puts to work; making her an ideal fit for the Heroes.

Speaking about the announcement, founder of the Heroes awards, Kevin Robinson said,

"In 2023 we live in a very different world to the one we experienced pre-covid, where human decency and acts of kindness can mean so much to many.

"Many of these actions go un-noticed but the Heroes have sought to buck that trend.

"The hosts of our glittering awards ceremony are always people who embody that ethos.

"In Sian I see a person of true integrity and honesty and somebody who is never afraid to stand up for not only her own beliefs but also those which will empower others to be better people.

"For that reason I am delighted she has not just accepted the challenge of joining the team but also embraced it and is already bringing new ideas to the table as we collaboratively drive change for the better across our sector."

Entries for the Heroes 23 are now open and close on 23rd June 2023, to submit your nomination click on the link below.



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