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GVA donate their table at the Heroes event to allow others deserving of a place to attend

Organisation kindly agree to donate their table to enable 10 nominees to attend free of charge

In what has been described as one of the greatest single acts of kindness, Green Valley Arborists, (GVA) have donated their table at this year's Highways Heroes event to the organisers to invite 10 nominees to attend free of charge.

Citing a number of last minute drop outs as a reason that the organisation was finding it hard to fill a table for this year's event the organisation came up with a rather novel way to ensure that those worthy of attending the event were able to, as founder of the Highways Heroes, Kevin Robinson explains,

"Bizarrely this afternoon I received an email from Ed Tiplady of GVA explaining that his organisation were struggling to fill their table and proposing a novel solution to their challenge.

"A conversation with another company also attending the event has unearthed the fact that they were also in a similar quandary and in fact the two organisations between them had exactly the right number of people to fill one table.

"Ed then offered to give back the GVA table and offer up those ten places on a totally free basis to nominees who otherwise would not have been able to share in this amazing evening.

"To say I was gobsmacked by the generosity of both Ed is an understatement and already those ten places have been filled with each individual we invited on behalf of GVA were exceedingly thankful with a number incredibly moved by the gesture.

"On behalf of everyone associated with the Highways Heroes I would like to thank both Ed and the Organisation for their kind gesture."



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