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FORTEL announced as the sponsors of the people's choice award at this year's Highways Heroes Awards.

Leading Industry recruitment organisation announced as the sponsors of People's Choice award at this year's event.

Fortel, the largest supplier of agency labour to the UK construction industry, have been announced as the sponsors of this year's people's choice award at this year's Highways Heroes Awards.

Providing contractors with pre-briefed, compliant teams formed of trusted and skilled workers for construction and key infrastructure projects Fortel have become established as a go-to for leading contractors seeking labour for major projects.

A new element to this year's Highways Heroes Awards the Fortel People's Choice award is a unique award, awarded to one individual following a public vote.

The winner will selected by an on the night vote via online voting and announced at the end of the event.

Voted for by the audience present in the room the winner will be selected from all of those who have previously been awarded a Highway Heroes accolade and will form the climax of this year's gala ceremony.

Taking place at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, London, the Highways Heroes are the blue ribband awards for our sector and are unique as being the only ceremony which represents individuals who have gone over and above.

Whether it's saving someone from danger or risk of injury, helping a member of the public to safety, or supporting a team member in the face of abuse, our winners are named a Highways Hero as part of this unique awards event.

Speaking about the introduction of the Fortel People's Choice award founder, Kevin Robinson said,

"The night of the Highways Heroes Awards is always a very emotionally charged event and as such we wanted to make those in the audience a part of it.

"We wanted to make these individuals feel as much a part of the process of recognisising these amazing acts as our judges.

"Therefore, an award voted for by the audience on the night recognising excellence in our people was something of a no brainer and I am grateful to the team at Fortel for buying into this concept."

The people's choice award will be voted for by the audience on the evening of the event, with the winner then invited onto the stage by hosts Meera Naran and Rich Marshall to receive their special one-off handcrafted trophy.



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