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BakerHicks announced as the sponsor of the Hero in Highways award

Highways Heroes awards are delighted to announce BakerHicks as the sponsor of our special, one off Hero in Highways award which will be bestowed upon one individual whose triumph over adversity is an inspiration to us all.

As part of this year's Highways Heroes awards the organisers, alongside head judge Lizz Robinson have taken the unprecedented decision to award a special recognition on one individual whose triumph over adversity following incredible personal tragedy serves as an inspiration to our whole sector which this year will be sponsored by multi-disciplinary design and engineering company BakerHicks.

The award, which will be bestowed upon the individual at this year's ceremony any the DeVere Grand Connaught Rooms on the 30th November is outside of the normal judging process and much like one of last year's winner, Kevin Jarvis, is somebody who has had a massive impact on the industry through circumstance.

Speaking about the Award, Kevin Robinson, one of the founders of the Highways Heroes Award said,

"You think as the event director of the Highways Heroes you have seen it all and then somebody comes along and truly floors you with a story of sheer triumph over adversity and a bloody mindedness that life simply will not beat them and despite the significant challenges they face this individual is going to win no matter what.

"Not an act of random kindness, not somebody who has gone above and beyond whilst not once asking for thanks but instead but whose back story simply moves you to say wow.

"Without giving too much away, this year's winner is somebody whose achievements truly moved the two of us to tears when we heard their story and as such we felt, in the true spirit of the ceremony we could not let this individual go unnoticed."

Speaking about the decision to become involved in the Hero in Highways award Samer Ali

BakerHicks Director, Highways said

"The highways sector is a key industry for the prosperity of our nation, with major roads forming the backbone of our country, and local roads as its lifeblood. This is an exciting sector to work in, and awards such as Highways Heroes drum home the premise of what we all do – keeping everyone connected, creating real communities and contributing to the growth of our economy.


"There’s nothing more community-focused than celebrating our peers and those who have overcome the worst hardships in life. At BakerHicks, we are incredibly proud to play a part in this unique celebration and by sponsoring the Hero in Highways Award, we recognise the strength and determination of one very brave individual. I look forward to meeting them at the awards in November."

The one-off special trophy will be made from rose gold and will bear the same iconic design as the trophy awarded to other Highways Heroes Winners, something the organisers feel is befitting of the significance of it.



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