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2024 JUDGE

Meera Naran

Independent Road Safety Campaigner

Meera Naran, MBE, is a dedicated independent road safety campaigner committed to fostering safer driving conditions on our roads. Following the tragic loss of her son in a smart motorway crash in May 2018, Meera has tirelessly campaigned alongside the AA, resulting in 18 national policy changes and a £5 million commitment from the Department for Transport for an education campaign. Working independently in an advisory capacity with the DfT and Highways England, Meera advocates for changes in the Highway Code and innovative safety measures to prevent further tragedies. She shares her journey from grief to advocacy through supporting nonprofits, public speaking engagements, and connecting with others on similar paths. Meera's achievements include award-winning advocacy, extensive media appearances, and adept networking skills, all driven by her passion to translate public policy into tangible safety improvements for all road users.

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