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2024 JUDGE

Brian Hammersley

Contract Director

Brian Hammersley is a customer-focused Director overseeing a substantial £300 million project. With exceptional leadership skills, he implements a strategic account management approach, ensuring successful project delivery amidst dynamic economic and political landscapes. Brian's extensive experience spans collaborations with various clients, including Local Authorities and National Highways, fostering enduring relationships by understanding their needs and challenges. Noteworthy achievements include multiple award wins, revenue generation exceeding £180 million, and securing over £100 million in additional funding. Brian's commitment to sustainability is evident through the implementation of a Net Zero Carbon Strategy, while his dedication to client satisfaction is reflected in his ISO44001 accredited partnering relationships and best-in-class customer feedback. He excels in multi-disciplinary service delivery, including asset management, highways design, and street lighting. Brian's proactive approach to business development, talent building, and diversity advocacy underscores his dedication to driving innovation and excellence across all facets of his work.

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